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The Los Angeles Clippers played as perfectly as you can ask a team to play against the Golden State Warriors tonight.

The Clippers shot 71 percent in the first quarter in taking a 16 point lead, and led by 23 points with six minutes left in the second quarter

The Warriors’ two most important players, Stephen Curry and Draymond Green, picked up two fouls apiece within two and five minutes respectively

With Shaun Livingston and Leandro Barbosa both out the Warriors had no backup point guard when Curry went to the bench early

The Clippers had a beautiful defensive game plan, overplaying every pass and forcing the Warriors into 19 turnovers, seven alone from Curry

Chris Paul, who was questionable to play just two hours before the game, was magnificent, scoring 35 points on 13-22 shooting, 5-9 from three

Interim Warriors coach Luke Walton was clearly discombobulated by his limited rotation and foul-prone stars, going seven deep on the bench and cycling through some deeply uncomfortable lineups

The Clippers had a 10-point lead with just five minutes remaining

And yet, when all was said and done, the Clippers got killed. In normal circumstances a 124-117 loss isn’t an ass-kicking, but these aren’t normal circumstances. The Clippers—who fancy themselves an elite team, a peer and rival of the Warriors—went 1-3 against them last season, flamed out in the playoffs, talked all sorts of mess over the summer and fall, lost to the Warriors in their fifth game of the season, and then took a 23-point lead at home in this one and lost. That’s way more demoralizing than the 50-point shellacking the Warriors laid upon the Grizzlies two weeks ago.

We know—we know!—not to count the Warriors out when they’re in a hole, but a 23-point deficit to one of the best teams in the NBA shouldn’t be a hole, it should be a chasm. It is when you’re playing the Warriors: they’re 68-0 over the past two seasons when taking a 15+ lead.

Here are a couple of crazy statistics about the Warriors:

In the past three seasons, the Warriors have won all four games in which they gave up 40 or more points in the first quarter

In the last five games in which they’ve had a 15+ first quarter deficit, the Warriors are 4-1

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