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WWE 2K16: Latest News And Buzz For Week Of October 19Video Game Fans Are Assured An Abundance Of Riches With WWE

WWE 2K16: Latest News and Buzz for Week of October 19Video game fans are assured an abundance of riches with WWE 

2K16. In addition to a robust roster featuring WWE Superstars past and present, the Creation Suite is deeper, smoother and clearly improved.

Options for creating wrestlers, toying with details and getting lost in a virtual world of one's own design are plentiful. 

Attacks during entrances, one last Superstar added to the roster and some welcome animations headline the rest of the talk about WWE 2K16 as its release date draws near. The latest installment in the WWE series comes out on Oct. 27 in the U.S. market and Oct. 30 internationally. 

Before that, dig into the news and opinions that have popped up in this final push to the game's arrival in stores.

Creation Heaven

The Creation Suite's limitations were among the biggest complaints about WWE 2K15. 2K listened. It made sure to beef up that part of the game this time around.

The ability to create Divas, championships and arenas are back. Fans can incorporate custom images, including their own face via photo capture. A new create-a-show option is available as well.

2K offered a glimpse of all that in a trailer for the creation features: 

WWE 2K Brand Director Bryce Yang, in an interview with SmackTalks, revealed a few added details. He noted that the create-a-show mode will allow fans to design their own graphic packages, like the ones displayed during pay-per-views. He also mentioned that there will be better importing features than last year.

It's clear that developers made this portion of the game a focus. 

Last year, gamers had a stripped-down version to work with. WWE 2K16 will be a big jump in terms of options compared to WWE 2K15.

Bleacher Report's Brian Mazique is clearly impressed by what he's seen of the creation suite so far. He wrote, "The creation tools that are set to be unleashed for fans in WWE 2K16 are mind-blowing."

More Reviews

Critics may be unsure of certain elements of the game, but it appears that the increased options for pre-match violence are universally appreciated.

Fans can now attack their opponents before the bell begins. Choosing that action won't lead to a cut scene either; fans will retain control throughout.

Matt Denton reviewed WWE 2K16 for Cult of Whatever and explained this element, writing of a scenario where one player attacked Undertaker as he made his way to the ring: "The entrance doesn't stop. Undertaker was surrounded by his fire pyro, staring down the length of the aisle when the attack came. Boom! Phenom goes down!"

This seemed to be Denton's favorite new addition to the game. The Games Dungeon concurred in its WWE 2K16 review. This new "breakout" feature was a big part of that write-up, something that clearly made the game more fun.

The Games Dungeon also noted that steel chairs no longer break after you clobber your foe a few times.

In the SmackTalks preview, fans learned a number of new details about the game:

When creating an arena, for example, a player can add a number of 3-D objects like the ladders WWE sets up for Tables, Ladders & Chairs. There are different crowds from different eras to plug in, too. 

Players can use spray their created wrestlers' hair a variety of colors. These custom grapplers can also get specific personality traits (i.e., disciplined, aggressive, loyal, cowardly).

 New Footage

A battle between Paige and Naomi revealed a few new animations of note:

Fans could see Paige grow frustrated after a two-count. Naomi argued with the referee. In addition, Paige hit an eye-catching reversal where she flipped onto her feet before kicking Naomi in the head.

That's an excellent touch, a great-looking move that many fans will want to make their custom wrestlers wield.

In an Instagram post from the 2K development team, it became clear how well the game captures Rusev's mannerisms:

He roars, waves his arms and is a generally unhinged beast in the ring, just as he is on WWE TV. The more details like this that WWE 2K16 boasts, the more unique the experience of playing with each wrestler will feel.

Other Tidbits

The roster is already plenty big at over 120 wrestlers. It looks, though, as if 2K sneaked another one in there.

As noted by Power Up Gaming, William Regal appears on the downloadable wallpaper available on the WWE 2K website. This isn't the retro "Lord" Steven Regal character, either. This is an older version of him, closer to what he looks like today.

Perhaps that means he plays a part in the NXT portions of the game as the general manager.

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