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What Is Sibutramine?

Sibutramine Effects and Weight Loss

Sibutramine was approved by the FDA for the treatment of obesity in 1997. The FDA approved the anorexigenic drug Sibutramine as a short-term supplement to diet therapy and daily exercises.


Sibutramine was developed by the pharmaceutical company Abbott Laboratories as a drug for the treatment of depression. Results of the clinical studies have demonstrated that Sibutramine exerts the weak antidepressant effect; it does not provide clinically significant relief of depression symptoms.


In addition, the results of the clinical studies have shown that people who regularly take Sibutramine have noted the decrease of appetite. Additional studies have confirmed that Sibutramine helps suppress appetite and avoid the consumption of large amounts of food.


Important for Sibutramine

And it is also important that Sibutramine does not only suppress appetite but also stimulates thermogenesis. Therefore, weight loss occurs not only due to the reduction of daily ration caloric value, but and because of burning fat even with minimal physical activity.


What is Sibutramine Effectiveness?

Sibutramine effectiveness is confirmed by the long-term clinical studies. The clinical and post-marketing studies have shown that Sibutramine helps reduce weight by no less than 5 percent of the initial body weight.


How to use Sibutramine ro help weight loss rapidly?

In order to achieve rapid weight loss, the use of diet pills Sibutramine should be combined with a healthy diet and active lifestyle. It should be noted that a low-fat diet and exercises will help to maintain healthy weight even after discontinuation of Sibutramine administration.


Sibutramine Using

Due to the regular use of drug Sibutramine, the degree of abdominal obesity, waist and hips measurements significantly reduces. In addition, weight loss helps significantly improve the lipid profile and thereby reduce the risk of cardiovascular pathologies.

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