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We're 3 Alice Through The Looking Glass Teasers Deep And Here's Everything We Know So Far

We're 3 Alice Through the Looking Glass Teasers Deep and Here's Everything We Know So Far

"Time is not on your side," warns the newest teaser for Alice Through the Looking Glass.

We couldn't have said it better, as people are going nuts waiting to see the full flippin' trailer. Hurry your hot cross buns already, would ya Disney? They shared the most recent teaser clip today on social media, the snippet joining two other teasers posted Sunday and Monday. 

Although none of them give much away, they do drive home the fact that fans are getting more and more impatient for the films May 27, 2016, release date. 

Until then, we suggest hitting replay on teasers one, two and three while making bets on what's to come for our homegirl Alice. If that's not enough to hold you over until next year, we get you and we gotchu, boo.

Here's your handy rundown of all we know so far about Alice Through the Looking Glass to supplement those unfair teaser snippets that left us all wanting so much more. You're welcome!

Alice Through the Looking Glass, in case you want to spout off some random fun facts at your next awkward Thanksgiving dinner, is the sequel to 2010's Alice in Wonderland. Shooting location is Shepperton Studios in England and damn are we jealous we couldn't be a fly on the wall there. (Die-hard fans, you know you're nodding internally right now.) Who wouldn't want to watch Helena Bonham Carter, Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Matt Lucas and Mia Wasikowska reprise their epic roles for the sequel?! If you recall, we were living for HBC as the Red Queen. Depp killed it as the Mad Hatter and Ms. Hathaway slayed as the White Queen. We can't forget Tweedledee and Tweedledum and of course Alice, played by Matt and Mia respectively.

We've got some fresh talent this time around including Sacha Baron Cohen as Time, Ed Speelers as James Harcourt and Rhys Ifans as the Mad Hatter's father, Zanik Hightopp. Someone get a hose because there is so much fire in this cast. 

Tim Burton, who directed the blockbuster Alice in Wonderland, returns as a producer, but James Bobin directed Through the Looking Glass, and we're stoked to see the story come alive through a different perspective—namely the perspective of the Brit who directed last year's super-fun Muppets Most Wanted.

Hold up, honey child, we are not done yet. There will be a new character (gasp!) named Wilkins, voiced by actor Toby Jones of Harry Potter and The Hunger Games fame. March Hare and Dormouse will be voiced once again by Paul Whitehouse and Barbara Windsor. Stephen Fry will return as the Cheshire Cat, as will Michael Sheen as the White Rabbit and Alan Rickman as the Blue Caterpillar.

Who's excited to see the whole gang back together again?!

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Meanwhile, here are a few more fun facts to round up our rundown. You're about to be so in-the-know..

First off, did you know Alice and Wonderland earned over a whopping $1 billion in ticket sales? Like, how is that even a thing!? Factor in that the first film also won two Academy Awards for Best Costume Design and Best Art Direction (plus was nominated for Best Visual Effects) and a sequel was pretty much a given.

Speaking of tripindicular visuals, Disney has released not one, but two epic posters for Alice Through the Looking Glass as well. We get it, Disney. You have the coolest-looking movie about to come out, but that doesn't mean you have to pull at our fragile heart strings with these piecemeal teasers. We think we speak for fans everywhere when we say, stop toying with us, Disney! 

Full trailer, ASAP!

What did you think of the three teasers? Tell us in the comments! 

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