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Steroids For Women

Steroids for Women

One must always remember that steroids are not a fat loss supplements but rather specifically designed to build muscle. If you want to shed those unwanted pounds then there are tons of fat loss programs, nutritional plans and purposes.

You should be at your ideal body weight and have had a steady workout routine for at least 2 years or more so that any gains that you have will be pure muscle.

Anavar has been known to be a great beginner cycle for women as it is one of the mildest anabolics in the market today and it has low androgenic activity. It also ups your strength and adds essential muscles. If a woman is leary of the negative side effects of steroids, she should use only anavar at a low dose of 5mb per day during a 6-8 week cycle during which the majority of women have not seen any negative side effects.

Another choice in steroids for women is Primobolan as it is also a mild steroid and it does not convert into estrogen if you want to avoid water retention. Many females have responded positively to this during a typical 8 to 10 week cycle at 50-100 mg per week. Side effects to look out for can be oily skin, an increase in body and facial hair and acne. A good thing about Primobolan is that it will give your body a gradual increase in strength and will give you quality muscle.

Another great choice in steroids is to go with Winstrol as it can be injected or taken orally but always keep in mind that it should not be taken for a beginner cycle. It is the choice for many to use it for a cutting cycle accompanied with a steady diet. If you want extra strength and mass go with this one for sure. Side effects will be noticeable such as a deeping of the voice, acne and an enlargement and sensitivity of the clitoris. If the doses are maintained low then these side effects will be decreased. Many females take from 5-10 mg per day, usually split up throughout the day, as this will keep the blood levels nice and steady. A good cycle to do is to inject around 25 mg every third of fourth day as normal dosing and this should be run for 8 weeks. To protect your liver, be sure to take milk thistle as Winstrol will add a lot of stress to your liver.

Deca in another good choice for female competitors even though it is a wee bit androgenic and oftentimes virilization can occur. To curtail these negative side effects Deca should be taken in mild doses and closely monitored for side effects such as hair loss, excess body and facial hair. It should be noted that Deca is a slow muscle builder and gives you strength slowly. The recommended dosage for a female should be around 50 mg per week.

If you dare to venture with testosterones then Test Prop should be the way to go as it goes in and out of your body quickly. If any negative side effects do reveal themselves you can quickly stop using it and it will leave your system fast. It is wise to spread the injection out using around 25mg to 50 per injection every 5 to 7 days and the cycle should not go for more than 8 weeks. Some side effects to look out for should be a deepening of the voice, clitoral enlargement, excess facial and body hair, acne, increased sexual libido and oily skin. Be sure to monitor your body throughout this cycle.

It is good to note that once the cycle is over, women have no need to taper the steroids off. Be sure to read all that you can about other females experiences and done your homework before you chose your drugs.

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