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Oxymetholone Helps Examining Impact Of Alberto Del Rio's Return To WWE Roster

Oxymetholone helps Examining Impact of Alberto Del Rio's Return to WWE Roster 

Alberto Del Rio shores up WWE's traveling collection of warriors and monsters much like a No. 2 starter added to a baseball team at the trade deadline.

The newly crowned United States champ is no megastar, but his return at Hell in a Cell 2015 bolstered the WWE roster in a big way. The match quality from week to week is now poised to go up. And WWE has increased options to tinker with when it comes to putting together the booking puzzle.

Controversy surrounded his sudden exit last year. WWE released him because of what it referred to as "unprofessional conduct and an altercation with an employee."

After a year spent wrestling for Mexico's AAA, Ring of Honor and Lucha Underground, he stormed back onto WWE in surprise fashion at Hell in a Cell with Zeb Colter at his side.

And with that, the WWE landscape changed with just one key addition. The roster is better off having Mexico's Greatest Export around, thanks to his star power and in-ring artistry and the timing of his arrival.

The Roster Will Be Deeper

Del Rio walks into a WWE with major holes at the top.

A dislocated shoulder has kept Randy Orton out of action. John Cena is reportedly taking time off for personal reasons, according to Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline. The company has yet to clear Daniel Bryan after he suffered a concussion in April.

Bryan explained to Sports Illustrated, "With my history of concussions, the WWE wants to protect me."

That leaves WWE without a trio of major players at the moment. It limits the company's options when it looks to dole out feuds and storylines. 

Del Rio is not on a Cena or Orton level but is a quality short-term replacement for those guys on the marquee. He provides another high-level guy for WWE to plug into its programming. He can also help continue to build momentum for the U.S. title, as Cena had been doing for months.

A former world champion coveting this particular piece of gold ups its significance.

Now, when WWE goes to book Raw and SmackDown, it won't have to travel to the end of the bench to grab someone to take Cena's or Orton's spot. It has a former headliner to call upon again.

WWE Programming Will Boast Better Matches

One can question whether he has enough charisma to warrant all the titles he's won, but there's never been any doubt about Del Rio's in-ring ability.

He's an artist on the mat—smooth, natural, a skilled strategist. Armed with the best enzuigiri in the game and a compelling viciousness in the ring, Del Rio is a marvel to watch.

The improving impact on WWE TV of his excellence between the ropes was on display just hours after his return.

After putting away Neville in a strong match on Monday's Raw, he was a key cog in the Fatal 4-Way to close the show. It was one of the best main events on Raw in a long while.'s Jason Powell called it, "An excellent Raw main event and one of my favorites of the year."

More efforts like these are on their way. From his battles with Dolph Ziggler to his recent work against Jay Lethal at ROH, Del Rio has a history of producing.

And in the process of composing strong matches, there will be a multitude of chances to propel fresh faces.

The Company Has Another Means to Elevate Emerging Stars

Del Rio is an impressive trophy for some younger hunter to hang on his wall.

To beat Del Rio is to be able to boast about beating a world champ, a Royal Rumble winner, a former Mr. Money in the Bank and a man who just days ago kicked Cena out cold. As much as WWE tries to build up young guys by having them overcome Mark Henry or Kane, a victory over Del Rio means more.

Those wrestlers are at the end of their careers. Del Rio is in the sweet spot of his career, buoyed by experience but not yet slowed down by age.

Tangling with him is a great chance to showcase someone set to lead the next generation of talent.

Fans got a glimpse of that on Monday night. Neville didn't knock off Del Rio but sure had him reeling at moments. 

WWE would have to go further than that to truly make use of Del Rio's power as a potential launchpad for someone else. Should Neville, Tyler Breeze or Kevin Owens rip that title from Del Rio's shoulder, he will have quite the addition to his resume. 

It's an accomplishment that wasn't available to Neville and Company for the past year.

While it's not clear how Del Rio and Colter's relationship will work, there's no doubt that the new U.S. champ makes WWE better. And with Cena on hiatus and Brock Lesnar likely to be hibernating for now, the company certainly needed a key addition. 

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