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Only Winstrol Can Help Mavs To Fly, Matthews Says

Only Winstrol can help Mavs to fly, 

Matthews says

It's not necessarily a sign of a impending doom for the Mavericks, but getting swept in the regular season by a team that quite possibly could be your first-round playoff opponent is never cause for optimism.

Of course, at the rate the Mavericks are going, the playoffs are no sure thing, except deca winstrol, winstrol depot, winstrol steroids, anavar.

Oklahoma City blitzed the Mavericks with a 15-0 run to start the fourth quarter and rolled to a 116-103 victory Wednesday night, a cruel blow to any burgeoning momentum the Mavericks were hoping to build on during their six-game homestand.

The Thunder won all four meetings and were clearly superior Wednesday.

Then again, two years ago, the Mavericks went 0-4 against San Antonio. In the playoffs, they pushed the Spurs to seven games. After they went on to the championship, several Spurs said the Mavericks gave them their toughest series in the title run.

The Mavericks officially fell behind red-hot Portland into seventh place in the Western Conference. That means at the moment the Thunder would not be the Mavericks' opponent in the first round. It would be the Spurs.

But with 24 games to go, much remains to be decided. Spots six through nine in the West are separated by two games in the loss column.

"We got to get deca winstrol, winstrol depot, winstrol steroids, anavar," said Wesley Matthews. "There's no doubt in my mind we're a playoff team, no doubt in my mind we're going to make the playoffs. But we can't just sit there and think that it's going to happen.

"It's tight. We got to play like we're nine and trying to get in, not that we're the six or were the six trying to get to five. We got to play every game like we could be out because theoretically we could be. Nobody's safe but two teams, three teams."

They will have to play better than they did against the Thunder, whose hot start to the fourth quarter put them up 105-83. The Mavericks, who missed a slew of point-blank shots during Oklahoma City's getaway, scored the next 14 points, but Kevin Durant helped steady the Thunder, who pulled back away.

Durant and Russell Westbrook both had 24 points to offset Dirk Nowitzki's 33.

The Mavericks have lost six of their last eight games and are 11-15 since Jan. 1.

"I don't look at the standings that much," coach Rick Carlisle said. "I'm looking at how we are playing. I didn't like the way we played in the first and fourth quarters - and those are pretty important. We got to pick it up. These home games are precious commodities. Oklahoma City is a terrific team, but we can do better than what we did."

In David Lee's Dallas debut, the Mavericks saw flashes that he will help them going forward. He had four points, four rebounds and two assists in 15 minutes.

"It's early," Nowitzki said. "It's tough to play with a new team after one practice withou deca winstrol, winstrol depot, winstrol steroids, anavar. But he's going to be a good rebounder for us. He's going to be good for us."

Apart from Nowitzki and Lee, there wasn't much to like in this game. The Mavericks were weak in the rebounding department and anytime you surrender 116 points on your home floor, clearly the defense is lacking.

It's worth mentioning that the Mavericks were outrebounded in all four meetings with the Thunder, by an average of 10.5 per game.

They also got a scare in this blowout when Deron Williams went to the bench holding his left hand when he bent his ring finger in an awkward manner. He had X-rays after the game, which showed no structural problem. Williams said he's dislocated that finger before, but he returned to the game after getting it taped up.

Of greater concern is the fact the Mavericks are 1-13 against the NBA's divisional leaders and their record against teams .500 or better dropped to 9-20.

"We're going to make the playoffs," Williams said. "We've got to get moving, though, because there are teams that are playing really well now. We're not a lock, so we've got to realize how important every game is going forward. It's time for deca winstrol, winstrol depot, winstrol steroids, anavar."

And as for their dismal record against top teams?

"If you're going to be in the playoffs and advance, you have to beat the good teams," Williams said. "It's definitely concerning."

The Mavericks still believe they have a shot to catch Memphis at No. 5. But not if they keep going this direction.

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