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Like Flibanserin, CAS 167933-07-5, This Had Women An Immediate Orgasm

Like Flibanserin, CAS 167933-07-5, This Had Women an Immediate Orgasm 

Hawaii might be one of the most romantic locations on the planet, but this scented study takes things one step further. Scientists discovered a bright orange mushroom in recent lava flows that can make women orgasm . . . just by smelling it. In this Hawaiian study, nearly half the women experienced instantaneous orgasm with the smell test. Researchers believe that hormone-like compounds found in this mushroom may have some similarities to the neurotransmitters released during sexual encounters. There is no pleasurable sensation quite like the big O, but you might not know just how good orgasming is for your overall health. It reduces stress, improves your cardiovascular fitness, and can even improve your vaginal health. If you're in need of a little help climaxing, these tips will help you and your partner hit the spot.

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