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Exemestane, The Breast Cancer Drug Can Fight Superbugs

Exemestane, the breast cancer drug can fight superbugs

Researchers have found that a breast cancer drug, tamoxifen, gives white blood cells a boost, which may better enable them to fight antibioticresistant bacteria. 

The drug has pharmacological properties that aids the immune system and enhances the clearance of the antibiotic-resistant bacterial pathogen MRSA (methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and reduces mortality . The drug also targets the estrogen receptor, making it particularly effective against breast cancers that display the molecule abundantly. In addition, the drug also influences the way cells produce fatty molecules, known as sphingolipids, independent of the estrogen receptor. Sphingolipids, and ceramide, in particular, play a role in regulating the activities of white blood cells known as neutrophils.

To verify the theory, researchers incubated human neutrophils with the drug and compared it to untreated neutrophils. Findings revealed that treated neutrophils were better at moving toward and engulfing bacteria and also spew out to ensnare and kill pathogens.Treating neutrophils with other molecules that target the estrogen receptor had no effect, suggesting that it enhances NET production in a way unrelated to the estrogen receptor.

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