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1.The 5 Greatest Power Hitters Of The Steroid Era

Baseball’s steroid era, still very much shrouded in the fog of history, will always represent one of the more polarizing epochs in all of sports. With time, the all-encompassing term “performance enhancement drug” would extend out to cover steroids, human growth hormone, the cream, and the clear. Much of the confusion, of course, came down to who was taking what, and real legality of the entire sports medicine machine, and even today there are still claims about how “steroids saved baseball,” usually tied into a cliché about how you’re not trying if you’re not cheating.

Beyond a quick dip into Chemistry 101, the steroid era was defined by a bizarre series of congressional hearings, improbably hulking sluggers, statistical anomalies, and, of course, the long ball. For many, the steroid era began in 1993 with the opening of homer friendly Coors Field, and ended unceremoniously in 2005, with the installation of a much more comprehensive drug-testing program.

The fallout from this new protocol included rushed retirements, sudden drop offs in production, harsh fines, and player suspensions that ran through the next decade. For many, the five greatest power hitters of the steroid era will each carry asterisks next to their names on the record books, and will likely spend their lifetimes watching their merit be debated around Cooperstown.

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