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Grey Powder Bacillus Subtilis, Microbial Fertilizer, Biological Fertilizers

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Bacillus Subtilis a biological fungicide based on a selected strain of naturally-occurring antagonistic bacteria bacillus subtilis contains endospores of bacillus subtilis. As a microbial fungicide, it widely used against the major diseases like Downy mildew, powdery mildew and alternaria in agriculture. It is approved for use in Organic agriculture.





Bacillus subtilis consists of bacillus subtilis antibiotics polysaccharides and protein that exhibits strong fungicide activity against pathogenic fungi. Technically, the mechanism of controlling pathogenic fungi is by nutrient competition and forming protective bacterial layer in a high density. It is harmless to environment and can also enhance anti-reversibility of plants, promote plant growth, increase yield of plants and improve the quality of plants.





Seed Treatment.

Soil Application.

Foliar Spray.

To protecting the rhizosphere and changing the rhizosphere microorganism.

Enhance the immune system of crops

Strong decomposition force towards protein and starch

Collocate organic materials and reduce the fermentation odor.





Microbial Count:20 billion CFU/gram

Appearance: Grey powder



Competitive Advantage:


Approved for use in organic agriculture.

Safe to natural parasites, pollinators and predators.

Non-chemical and non-toxic.

Harmless to humans and animals

Suitable for organic farming.

Does not lead to residue problems

Doesn’t cause resistance or resurgence problems.

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