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A Real World and Honest Discussion of Test Enanthate

In this section, I will illustrate my educated opinion of Testosterone Enanthate from my countless hours of study, to personal experience. I will talk about common questions, concerns, and knowledge about Testosterone Enanthate as it applies to the real world. I will try to ponder the questions I had when I was first learning and researching anabolic steroids, their effects, how to use them and what to expect.


When you look up steroid profiles, the first thing you want to know is what exactly will Testosterone Enanthate do to me? What will I look like and is this the perfect supplement for me? The reason you can’t find a direct answer to this question is due to the cryptic nature of the effects on each individual.   Everybody reacts differently, and it depends on your genetic make-up as to how you react to these chemicals. Countless people have asked me what they should use, or if they should use a certain steroid, and I developed my response to the most succinct, straight forward, and easy answer to this prominently difficult question; “Try it.” People very rarely only do one cycle of steroids. Anabolic steroids can be positively life changing, and once people decide to start, it is something they want to continue to explore. So, if you have decided to try anabolic steroids, you will be doing it quite a few times and the absolute best advice is to experiment, see what reacts the best with you and gives you the results for which you are looking.


You ask what will Testosterone Enanthate do for me and how will it make me look? Well, I have seen guys take 1 gram a week with dbol and shred up with a picture perfect physique like they were ready to step on stage with no cardio. I have also seen guys take 500mg a week and bloat and puff out so bad it looked like they had a water hose stuffed up their ass on full blast.   Two different people, two completely different reactions. Most people fall somewhere in between, but there are a few base effects that you can count on.   Testosterone Enanthate can dramatically increase mass and strength. If it is your first cycle, taking 250mg-500mg a week, with a strong work ethic in the gym (I can’t stress that enough, you need to work out or it will do nothing for you), one can expect to gain 15lbs-30lbs and lift 20%-30% more weight in 8 weeks- 10 weeks. This means you will put on muscle weight, and probably a little water weight, and pack 50-80 pounds on your bench and squats.   These are of course guidelines for effects, as stated there is no definite way your body will respond. That is why experimentation is key to see what works the best for you.


How much should all of this cost? Let’s discuss prescription pharmaceutical costs and prices. Prescriptions are handled differently. Most insurance will not cover hormone therapy, so you are left paying out of pocket. Clinics may charge a monthly fee of $1000 or so plus product cost in which they monitor blood work and professionally see every aspect of this process. Other clinics take your blood work and have an affiliate doctor prescribe you the testosterone that they send directly to you. For this a 10ml of Testosterone Enanthate will cost around $200.


In the end, Testosterone Enanthate is probably the most popular anabolic steroid used because it is a potent performance enhancer, you can do minimal injections with maximum results, and it is also among the least painful to inject. Most beginners start with Testosterone Enanthate for these reasons, and also for these reasons, many consider it their favorite of all the injectable anabolic steroids.

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