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Androsterone (53-41-8)

Androsterone (53-41-8)

Androsterone is an androgenic steroid that occurs widely throughout nature, especially in animals, but also in many plants, including pine trees and truffle mushrooms. It’s a precursor to testosterone, but by itself, it’s somewhat weaker than testosterone in the bloodstream. As a result,Androsterone is more useful to bodybuilders when taken in a stack with other androgenic-anabolic steroids.

1. What Is Androsterone raw powder?

Androsterone is one of the androgens, which are steroid hormones that affect the masculinization of the fetus and child and that maintain or create masculine traits in adults. Testosterone is the most active and abundant of the androgens. Androsterone was originally isolated from male urine in very small amounts. Many scientists believe it to be a metabolic byproduct of the breakdown of testosterone, and many scientists who study pheromones think it might be active in human relations.

A molecule of androsterone is very similar to testosterone. It consists of three six-member carbon rings and one five member ring joined along common sides. The molecular formula is C19 H30 O2. It has a beta-isomer called epiandrosterone, in which an hydroxyl group occupies a different geometric position. The ratio of androsterone to epiandrosterone is thought to be important in how masculine behavior is interpreted by others.

Pheromones are well known in insect behavior. Their role in insect mating, navigation and nest protection has been studied, and active compounds have been isolated. Pheromones are the basis of some insect baits. Their effect on mammal behavior patterns is less well understood.


2. How Does Androsterone raw powder Works? 

Androsterone should not be confused with androstenone or androstenol, two common components of commercially available pheromone products. Androstenone was the first pheromone to be isolated from mammals. It is found in human sweat and urine and is found in high concentrations of the saliva of male pigs. It is a component of products sold to pig farmers to determine the timing of artificial insemination in sows. Androstenol is found in the same places as androstenone and also in truffles, fungi that grow underground and that pigs excel at locating.

In pheromone products, androsterone is added to signal masculinity and the sense of reliability and protection, such as that which is generated by the “alpha male.” It is believed to create feelings of strength without aggression. It also is suggested that it elevates the mood and confidence of female wearers. The ratio of androsterone and epiandrosterone is thought to be important in bodybuilding products. Users should be aware that these molecules are very difficult to distinguish between chemically, and therefore accurate assays are difficult to determine.


3. How to Use Androsterone raw powder?

Androsterone is a very versatile prohormone with many benefits to its use. Androsterone was included in the original version of LG Sciences T-911 for the pre-workout boost that it provides, and was also included at a low dose in a previous version of LG-Sciences Formadrol Extreme for its anti-estrogen properties. Currently, both epiandrosterone  and Androsterone are available in the prohormone Epi-1 Test. To get this product, just click the image below.


As with all androgenic steroids, proper diet and weight training are required for bulking during an Androsterone cycle. Because it has fairly mild effects, overeating can easily lead to fat gain, and although it lacks estrogenic properties, eating too much salt while bulking can lead to puffiness and bloating from retained water that hides lean muscle tissue. Although Androsterone doesn’t allow bodybuilders to work out longer than usual, its fatigue-fighting properties allow weightlifters to concentrate longer throughout a workout, making each workout more efficient. On days away from the gym, Androsterone aids in tissue rebuilding and helps speed up recovery.


√. Even for athletes who aren’t necessarily bulking up but just want to enjoy better athletic performance, Androsterone provides the boost in mental and physical energy needed to enhance performance.

√. Strength gains of as much as 5 to 20 percent during one six-week Androsterone cycle have been recorded in scientific literature, although this increase always accompanies a gain of body weight.

√. Weight gains from Androsterone generally come from lean tissue, unless an athlete consumes too many calories too quickly to be able to build muscle from the surplus.

√. During a period of consuming a surplus of calories, body fat does not decrease due to the effects of Androsterone, according to scientific literature.


For athletes cycling Androsterone during a cutting phase, body fat is reduced as usual, and more lean tissue is preserved than without a hormone supplement. Because androgenic steroids increase focus and reduce fatigue, a slight acceleration of body fat loss can occur, but losing too much fat mass too quickly can still result in lean tissue loss. 

Androsterone is a good supplement to take when cutting before a bodybuilding competition because it results in hard, dry muscle with excellent definition. Due to its lack of estrogenic properties, Androsterone does not cause water retention, and therefore it does not result in a rapid increase in muscle mass. It usually takes several weeks to begin seeing moderate gains that continue to the end of a cycle.


→. Because Androsterone is a pro-hormone supplement and found naturally in the body, it’s not easily detected in blood tests and therefore may be used in professional sports.

For maximum lean mass gain during an Androsterone cycle, stacking it with an aromatizing or progestational compound is recommended.

→. Muscle tissue gained during an Androsterone cycle is relatively easy to maintain because it doesn’t come from water-weight gain, which usually goes away when bodybuilders begin cutting.

→. For this reason, lean tissue gained during an Androsterone cycle is more moderate than with other anabolic steroids.

4. Dosage of Androsterone raw powder

While both androsterone and epiandrosterone may be used as a capsule, androsterone may be more powerful when used as a sublingual (where it is absorbed through the tissues under the tongue directly into the blood stream) and epiandrosterone looks promising to use as a transdermal (where it is applied to and absorbed through the skin). 

For this reason, androsterone products are often sold as a lozenge to be dissolved slowly in the mouth. The typical dosage range for androsterone is 300-400 mg/day, though some may dose higher. This is best used in 4-6 week cycles, with a mild over the counter post-cycle therapy to follow such as an all-in-one test booster and estrogen blocker, of which there are many to choose from.

5. Warning of Androsterone raw powder

.Androgens are the male sex steroids. They increase body hair, facial hair and acne; deepen the voice; enhance prostate growth; and promote muscle growth. The best known androgen is testosterone.

.Androstenedione is a steroid. In the body, it is converted to testosterone. It can also be converted into the female sex steroid, estrogen, in boys and girls.

.Androstenedione is not a banned androgenic steroid in baseball, but it is banned in most other sports, both in the U.S. and abroad.

.Androstenedione can not be a dietary supplement, since it is not part of a normal diet.

.The body has its own wisdom. Too much androgen shuts off the body's own production of testosterone. This can impair normal testicular function - "it shrinks your grapes to raisins."

.The use of androgens is especially dangerous among adolescents in whom it is known to stunt growth.


6. What Are the Possible Side Effects of Androsterone raw powder?

Whether you are actually taking androsterone, or contemplating taking it, it is important to realize that many who take steroids realize some degree of psychological compromise in both the long and short term of their dosing. Many who have taken this steroid, or any steroid for this matter, typically convince themselves that it won't happen to them. Even if they do believe it will happen to them, these athletes and weight lifters convince themselves that the benefit to them, of taking steroids, far outweighs the potential side effects.


When you decide to take androsterone, you will find that you will gradually become more prone to feeling very moody and agressive. As an androgenic steroid, androsterone can cause your feelings and emotions to run the gamut of feeling depressed, to being aggressive, or even having unshakable suicidal thoughts. It is this very unpredictability of feelings and emotions that can have a very negative impact on relationships and social lives. In fact, many steroid users find that they are simply unable to engage in meaningful human interactions. Because of this, they oftentimes find themselves extremely isolated in their ongoing battles against their own thoughts.


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